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College and Careers Course

Preparing for College and Careers Course

Starting this year, all 8th grade students will take a Preparing for College and Careers course during their Advisory period. This semester-long course allows students to explore the classes they can take in high school, and students will also receive a high school credit upon completion. This is a great opportunity to begin preparing our students for high school and beyond.

 Preparing for College and Careers focuses on the skills and knowledge students need for college, career, and life. Students will explore their personal interests and skills, and leadership and management topics. The course encourages students to think about what decisions they can make to positively affect their academic, career, and life paths in the future. Even if a student isn’t sure about their future career or academic path, the course builds a foundation for understanding what options are available and to learn more about those options.

 All of the work for this course will be completed during Advisory period. Active and meaningful participation during that time means students should not have homework outside of class.

If you have any questions about the course, please contact Josie Werhowatz